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Football Anyone? (that’s soccer to me….)

by admin on Apr.17, 2014, under Misc

The Oklahoma City FC has officially opened shop and promises to bring a top tier soccer oasis to waiting fans in this midwestern desert. I’m not really a sports fan. Soccer is fine. Watching soccer in a bar in Mexico City is awesome. I will withhold judgement on OKC soccer until it has had time to mature. I wasn’t an NBA fan either but now find myself inexplicably drawn to Thunder Basketball…

When they announced a design contest for the inaugural soccer scarf (I have to admit I had no idea that the “scarf” was such a sacred part of football fandom) I decided I could get on THAT wagon.

Rules are simple: one design per person (which is the way it should be), have to use the elements of the logo and word mark, maximum of five colors (there are four colors in the team color scheme). Oh, and you have to sign away every single right to any design you submit forever and ever amen.

Not being familiar with soccer scarves, I decided to do a little research to see what was “fashionable” and was not surprised to find that like all design there is a lot of variation. I chose to approach the design from an old school view with just a little modern thrown in for good measure.

I might add here that the people putting on the contest frustrate designers by failing to designate the font being used in the design, providing only low res versions of logos and word marks and not specifying minimum line weights and color separations based on production technique. It is highly likely that some designs will be rejected for considerations that could/would have been avoided if we knew more.

All that said, here is my design (already submitted and signed in case you get any ideas about copying…)

10 minutes after I submitted my design I got this back:

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Movies that go “BANG”

by admin on Apr.14, 2014, under Misc

I like movies. I like guns. I like movies that have guns in them. I like the guns that are in movies.

I started collecting gun models that are in the movies I love. Both the 6.5″ and 8.375″ barrel Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44 Magnums from “Dirty Harry”. The nickel plated Star Model B 9mm with pearl grips and the chromed .45 Auto-Ordnance M1911A1 with pearl grips from “Pulp Fiction”. A pair of silenced Beretta 92FS’s from “Boondock Saints”. The compensated Beretta 92FS from “Leon the Professional”. The Russian AK-47 from “Lord of War”. The tricked out 1911 Model from “Sucker Punch”. Several guns; S&W 29, S&W 36 snub, S&W Escort and the Astra Constable from “Taxi Driver”. Just to name a few.

I started looking for a way to display these in the context of the movie they were from so it would make sense to others. I don’t have room for lots of cases and such, so I envisioned a lighted display case with peg board in the back. I could create a backdrop piece on foam core with holes for rubber coated pegs to hold the guns in the appropriate spots. Then I could put a backdrop in and hang the guns. Every so often I could trade out the backdrop for a different movie and that movie’s guns. A rotating display.

I have several backdrops started. For each one I tried to match the style and feel of the movie while highlighting the gun(s). I will post more here as they are completed.

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Chicken and Waffles

by admin on Apr.14, 2014, under Misc

My dad was talking about opening a chicken and waffles place here in OKC. Every so often the story comes up of us trying to find a Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in California and ending up in Compton (keep the windows rolled up and don’t stop…) The last time, dad decided we needed a place like that here. Only this place would sell a boneless fried chicken breast in a folded waffle as a sandwich. Great idea! We even talked about seasonal variations, i.e. substitute turkey and add cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. Since I have a hard time thinking about anything without creating graphics for it in my head I decided to make a logo for dad’s imaginary restaurant. Of course, our phones are tapped because shortly after we had this idea Burger King came out with their Chicken Waffle Sandwich…

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Cornerstone Project

by admin on Apr.14, 2014, under Misc

I work for Kimray. I have all my life. My grandfather founded the company in 1948 and the first location for the company was a little building on Western just south of Britton Rd in what was then the incorporated town of Britton, OK. Around 1951 he moved the company to it’s present location where we have grown from utilizing half of the original 10,000 sq ft building to occupying 255,000 sq ft spread over 16 buildings.

We have decided to move. Project “Cornerstone” will move the entire company into 312,000 sq ft of manufacturing space and 60,000 sq ft of office on a new 136 acre campus only 4+ miles north of our current location.

I helped create the logo design for the project:

I am also working with the architects to design the building. If I hadn’t had a job waiting for me as a mechanical engineer I would have gone into architecture. I love building design. We are going for a retro industrial look for the office facade. Something that makes you think of the old brick factories. I was looking at pictures of the original Kimray location (modern photos unfortunately) and decided to incorporate a design element into the new building to tie the original location with the new one.

First I recreated a pic of the old building by photoshopping a current photo:

Then I created a unitless drawing of the parapet that could be used to design a similar treatment on the new building:

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Carbs & Cabs

by admin on Apr.14, 2014, under Misc

I have run each of the 13 Oklahoma City Memorial Marathons. It might have something to do with the fact that I was a cofounder of the race….

I had the idea this year that instead of going to the pasta party and wearing myself out, I would have a few people over (runners and non-runners) for an early dinner the night before the marathon.

I was working on invitations (ending up going evite) when the idea for party favors surfaced. After some bouncing around I ended up deciding to label some wine with custom labels and give each couple a bottle to take home. The front label is shown here. There will be a back label with some additional info including the actual wine info for what is in the bottle.

I was playing with “logo” designs when I came up with the wheat in the bottle using negative space. The picture in the background is the race as the runners climb up the Walnut St bridge in the second mile of the marathon. I think this might become a yearly ritual…

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Xmas 2013

by admin on Jan.01, 2014, under Misc

This year the Christmas card was a little challenging. We somehow ended up without a group pic for the year. So, what to do that would allow me to use the kid’s school pictures. Rebecca was thinking about how to sum up the stuff the kids were doing without writing a long letter kind of thing (no offense if you do, but it feels really snarky when someone you only hear from once a year sends you a two or three page letter telling you how wonderful life is and how perfect their children are and blah, blah, blah.) She hit on the idea of having them “tweet” it and as we played around with it the kids added the hashtag ideas.

Taking that cue I decided to go ahead and make it twitter all the way and the result was:

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Making a Difference

by admin on Dec.15, 2013, under Misc

The Make A Difference Foundation is an employee managed 501(c)3 foundation for the support of Kimray employees in need. I was asked to create a logo for the foundation on short notice.

The element in the middle of the logo is the 112 Pilot Plug. This part is in every piloted gas valve Kimray makes. It is part of a three-way valve that controls the regulator. This part is the smallest part in the valve and only moves about 1/1000 of an inch, yet it is essential to the valve’s operation and controls the whole thing. We have been using the Peanut (as we call the 112 Pilot Plug) to represent how every person at Kimray can make a difference no matter who they are or what they do.

I divided the text they way I did both to keep the logo from being balanced on center, and to play on the words. I like the way “Foundation” is over “Kimray People” as if the people are the foundation, and the way the left side communicates that Kimray People Helping is what Makes a Difference.

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5 S

by admin on Jul.03, 2013, under Misc

I was sitting in a meeting where the principles of 5S were being reviewed. For those who are not aware, 5S is the name of a workplace organization method that uses a list of five Japanese words: seiri, seiton, seiso, seiketsu, and shitsuke. Transliterated or translated into English (Sort, Straighten, Sanitize (Shine), Standardize and Sustain), they all start with the letter “S”. The list describes how to organize a work space for efficiency and effectiveness by identifying and storing the items used, maintaining the area and items, and sustaining the new order. The decision-making process usually comes from a dialogue about standardization, which builds understanding among employees of how they should do the work. I often sketch while I’m listening so while we were talking about 5S this happened:

When the meeting was over I liked the sketch enough to spend some time drawing it in AI and doing some rendering in Photoshop:

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T3 Wallpapers

by admin on Jun.18, 2013, under T3

LiteBrite Stained Glass Sand Embroidery

VCT Tile Floor Pixelated Foam Craft Barcode

Skyscraper Space Invaders Neon Sketchbook

Diamond Plate Legos Cake Road Sign

BBall Court Target Sidewalk Chalk Painting

I started a list of ways I could render the T3 Design logo. After I did the first few I started turning them into wallpapers for my computer:

LiteBrite - Everyone had one of these as a kid I think. They were a lot of fun and presented an interesting challenge since the pegs were in a hex pattern. I also remember that when you screwed up and put a peg in the wrong place you had a hole that light came through that you couldn’t fix! This is not a real picture, it is photoshoped from a website I found: LiteBrite

Stained Glass - This is another completely photoshoped image. I found stock images of glass and then created the “lead” frame and the landscape outside. This one was challenging, but fun.

Sand - Again, totally photoshoped. I found a stock image of the beach and then used filters to create the impression in the sand.

Embroidery - This one is real. I got a friend was has a monogramming business (You Name It) who offered to sew my logo out for me. I snapped a pic and cleaned it up a bit and there it is.

VCT Tile Floor - Another complete photoshop job. I used sample tile images from a web site selling tile and then created the pattern and outline. The chair is from an entry in a digital design contest.

Pixelated - I have always enjoyed pointelism and the associated art. I have played around with photoshop and several online resources to create lots of interesting effects. This is just one version.

Foam Craft - Long story short, we have advent at our house on Sunday (during the 4 weeks of advent of course) and invite several families over. Each Sunday a different family is in charge of a craft for the kids to do. This was one of the crafts. Everyone else made angels and “joy” and crosses, I made T3Design!

Barcode - Simple concept. I used an online barcode generator to create a barcode that actually is “T3DESIGN” and then fit it into a template of my logo. Kind of cool I think.

Skyscraper - Stock photo that I stretched and then photoshopped the lights in the windows.

Space Invaders - I’m a huge 80’s arcade fan. I took a screen shot of space invaders, hand pixelated the various elements, then laid them out to fit my T3Design logo. The scores are by birth year, my wedding year (high score for me!) and waiting for my year of death.

Neon - After doing the artwork for the Cowboy Arcade Project I used the same photoshop effects and layers to recreate the T3 in orange neon.

Sketchbook - I’ve probably drawn the T3 logo in my sketchbooks dozen’s of times. This time I took the extra effort to shoot a pic and size it to match my wallpaper template.

Diamond Plate - When I built the Arcade machine for my game room. I cut the T3 logo out of aluminum diamond plate and had it hard anodized orange for a kick plate on the machine. Figured that counted as a valid wallpaper.

Legos - Everyone loves Legos! My kids have tons of them. Unfortunately, orange is not a common color. Instead of spending $200+ bucks on the legos that would be needed to actually build this, I took pictures of several bricks and then photoshopped the full picture. I used Excel to create a layout grid that I filled in to create the pattern, then imported that to Photoshop to add the actual bricks. The hardest part was getting the black bricks to not have a repeating pattern. Someday I might spring for the bricks and really build it…

Cake - My daughter is always baking stuff. Cookies, cakes, good stuff…sugar and spice stuff…the things girls are made of. So she says, “Dad, let’s make the T3 logo out of cake!” What’s a dad to say? She used white cake dyed orange that we cut the “T” out of. Orange icing, a white piped “3″ and some black sparkly icing for the “design” and we had a winner. We shot the pic on the dining room buffet table (black antiqued wood). We shot several pics with the cake whole, then we took a bite…we liked the bitten cake better!

Road Sign - Another photoshopped scene. I liked the soft folding road sign and the interest in the background. I had to replicate the highlights after removing the original lettering. I find these pretty easy to do, but time consuming and difficult to do really well. I will leave it to you to decide which this is.

Basketball Court - Ok, so I’m watching the 2013 NBA Championship Series game 6, Spurs vs. Heat, with my 11 yr old son who is a basket freak (is dead set on playing for the NBA someday and very well may make it) and I think to myself, “self, why not have T3 in the center of your own basketball court?” I usually think my own ideas are good ones, so I agreed. I chose to render the T3 as stain on the floor rather than opaque paint like is being done more often these days. I am after all “avant garde”.

Target - Not sure why, but I though of this during a run. Then when I got home I couldn’t remember the great idea I had while running. I knew I had thought of something, just not what. Took me several days to remember. I chalk it up to getting older… Still, I did remember and then did it. THis is another total photoshop job. I found the kind of old school NRA target online and did a lot of altering to make it fit my wallpaper format. Then I played with the bullet holes until they looked right to me.

Sidewalk Chalk - Can you say “photoshop”? Yep, another complete fake. This was fun to put together but now that I have photoshopped it I might just do it for real.

Painting - My lovely daughter was trying her hand at painting and offered to paint my T3 logo. I think she did a great job and now I have a painting I can hang.

Other Ideas waiting to be done:

  • brand on a cow (or even better, a zebra)
  • flowers in a flower bed (like in fancy landscaping)
  • a pool
  • meatloaf with ketchup
  • bottle caps (like a pixelated image)
  • torch cut metal
  • mowed into grass, or a crop circle thing
  • ice sculpture
  • indie concert poster
  • tread pattern in the bottom of a shoe
  • pavement, pavestones, etc.
  • cars in a parking lot
  • architectural plan
  • painted on a barn
  • painted on a brick wall
  • hooked rug (in the works thanks to my daughter)
  • needle point or cross stitched (or both)
  • type
  • seats in a stadium
  • post-it notes
  • shaved into hair on head
  • tattoo
  • christmas lights
  • craters on the moon
  • “grand canyon”
  • mustard on a hamburger
  • pin art / replicator
  • sewer grate or manhole cover
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IPC Facilities Locator Card

by admin on May.07, 2013, under Misc

A friend ask me to lay out a locator card for providers to carry in their pockets to give to patients so they could transition from one facility to another. He sent me a scan of a handwritten page describing what he wanted:

I love these kinds of jobs. Tell me what you want to accomplish and let me come up with a way to do it. He sent me a style guide so I had access to vector logos and accurate colors. He also gave me the link to a web based map that I ended up basing the map side of the card on. After some back and forth and a few edits we are both happy with the final product:

The thing about a project like this is that it is not cutting edge design, not even very original from a concept standpoint. However, it is the kind of design that is executed millions of times a day. Doing this kind of thing well makes everything a little better, doing it poorly makes the world a less beautiful place. I hope I did it well.

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