Pirana Brothers Logos

The Pirana Brothers are a group of guys who like to train and race together. They are mostly ultra-runners, but also dable in multisport. Most of the Brothers also help manage several local races, and so they formed an event management company to have a name to promote their events under and a team to race for.

I wanted to have a pirana (fish) element to the design and also pay homage to the Pythons. Sketching in church one day I drew a logo that used a large nail as the ‘I’ in Pirana. That logo morphed into the team logo. Trying to get a pirate feel for the main logo, I used a fish skeleton, modified it to look like a pirana and then bent it to match a second skeleton in a yin-yang like logo. Finally, I had to include Spiny Norman, so I developed a design for him. We also wanted temporary tattoos that we could wear while racing.

The idea for the Pirana Brothers name came from the Monty Python skit of the same name.

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