Fishy, Fishy, Fishy, Fish…I wish I had a logo…

CKH Logo
CKH Logo

My youngest son wanted a logo, a brand, a mark. Something he could put on things. I don’t know where he got this idea….

So I worked with him like I work with anyone I am designing for. Ask him about what he likes, colors he prefers, what he does. Then I started playing with his initials. He was very into Angry birds at the time so we tried an Angry Birds based design…

CKH "Angry Birds" Logo
CKH “Angry Birds” Logo

but in the end we liked something less attached to another brand, so it could really be his brand. He has always had a fish. Not always the same fish, but almost always a fish. Playing around with the letters in his monogram I saw a fish. I had to play with the letter forms a little, but it was there, I just had to¬†coax it out…

CKH "Fish" Logo
CKH “Fish” Logo


Since the logo is a fish, we had to put it in the water, right? So we made wallpapers and phone backgrounds too.