Walking the Walk

The Walk

My father’s church, Western Hills Baptist Church, was thinking about rebranding. They wanted something more modern and shorter.

That was all I got to go on. As I looked into their congregation and location for clues I realized that their tag line, “Creating Biblical Disciples in Relational Environments,” was really about living out the principles of Christ’s love here on earth. In all fairness, I didn’t get that from the tag line which is too long and uses to many big words, I got it from Pastor Wells who is a friend of mine.

I combined that with the fact the while their address is on SW 44, they are on the corner of “Walker.” So I decided to float “The Walk” as a nickname with the legal name below. The more I thought about it, the better I liked it.

Oldwestern     newwesternThe original logo was a globe in red and green, so I used those colors, made the globe a little more abstract, but also cleaner, and made the “W” the focus. The “W” for Walk also can indicate Western. It is kind of clever.

I have no idea if they will use the idea or not, but I’m happy with the work I did.