Brand = Indentity

Harrison Logo

“Brand”: a distinctive identifier.

I have had my own “brand” for years. I started with “T3” and it eventually developed into the mark that I use so often. I don’t sell a product or service, it just identifies “me”. It doesn’t define me, I define myself and then use my brand to “mark” what is mine.

I like my kids to have a brand too. This is not easy when they are young because they need to define themselves somewhat before I can help them create a brand that identifies them. For some it was easy and came earlier, for others it still hasn’t happened.

Harrison (my 3rd born) is an artist. He will go to college to study Ag Business, but he has the eye and talent of an artist and I hope he continues to develop and grow in that realm as he also develops and grows his chosen trade.

HsignHe ask me to create a brand for him. I ask him the questions I always ask about identity when I am working on branding. I didn’t get answers. One night he came downstair and slapped a piece of paper down in front of me with his scrawl of a signature (even less readable than mine) as said, “Make my brand out of this”.

It turns out he is most interested in digital photography and sees how his brand could be his digital signature….

So, I tried to pull the unique, style elements from his scribble and create a bolder and slightly more compact mark that could represent his signature. I kept the “H” very close to his signature, but made the horizontal element triangular. I flattened out the trailing letters to a simple wave that could be several letters combined, but has a definite “r” and “n” with a tail.