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T3 Shipping Container
T3 Shipping Container

For several reasons, I got interested in shipping containers. People makeĀ all kinds of things from shipping containers: houses, offices, stores, etc. We are considering using one as the “shed” for our shooting range.

As I looked around for where to buy and what the cost would be, I saw lots of pictures of containers with the company name or logo (if it was a simple design) painted very large on the sides. Of course I decided I too should have my logo on the side of a container…

Since I was not going to buy a several thousand dollar container and then repaint it, I ended up photoshopping this. I started with this picture:

Raw Container PIc
Raw Container Pic

I had to skew the original to make it square, then shorten the container to achieve the ratio of 1920 x 1200. I then color converted the picture which requires a series of steps and selections to change the green to orange without losing the scrapes and scratches and color variation.

Next I added the “T3” and then skewed the valleys of the corrugated metal and the slopes to create the illusion that the paint I added followed the undulating side of the container. A levels adjusted black and white copy of the container then created a shadow that I could overlay and adjust to make the yellow have the necessary shading.

This turned out to be quite involved, but I am very pleased with the result.

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