If you could, wood you?


As a child (before computers, iPads and video games) we played with real toys. Blocks, Legos, Erector Sets (and chemistry sets, but that’s another story.)

Childcraft-111-Piece-Classroom-Unit-Blocks-School-Specialty-Building-Set-Wood-0-5The traditional wood blocks that are designed as multiples of a square unit have always fascinated me. The reality of the limited resolution forces one to be creative and think ahead to generate structures or images and shapes. The limited number of pieces also usually comes into play at some point in a creation.

Overall, they are a very engaging toy and one that I still occasionally play with. In fact, my youngest son and I got them out tonight to build a castle. We had a contest to see who could build the tallest tower with half the available blocks. And…we made a T3 logo out of blocks.

We had a great time without a computer, or a video game, or anything plugged in at all. (with the exception of getting the camera out to record the T3…)

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