Just a dip in the PS Pool

T3 Pool
T3 Pool

Some of the pools I have seen are amazing. Growing up, if you were lucky enough to have an inground pool it was usually a plain rectangle or a simple kidney shape. Today, the sizes, shapes and artifacts added to pools can be almost anything you imagine. So I imagined a T3 Pool.

This is entirely photoshopped of course. I utilized several different images to construct the desired product. The trick is blending and getting tones and colors and shadows to be correct enough that your eye “believes” it. It fascinates me how discerning the eye and mind can be. It is little details that cause your brain to say, “wait a minute, that is not real” when you can’t even explain why. That’s what makes this fun.

Aerial view of empty swimming poolsunbrella-patio-umbrellas-large-outdoor-umbrellas-patio-f77095cd1595d527float

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