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My daughter is active in a lot of activities at her school. One is Show Choir. She asked me to design a shirt for them.This is the actual text message exchange that was the total creative input for the project:

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 3.08.08 PM

So I thought about the nature of Show Choir and the kind of music and productions they put on and decided the design needed to have a Broadway Musical feel to it. I found a font called Stret Cred that had a solid look with a line through all the type forms. I did not like some of the letter forms, so I modified several of them and changed some of the kerning:


Then I added the Nightingale perched on the “I” and put the “CROSSINGS SHOW CHOIR” underneath in Arial Narrow and increased the tracking 200% to spread it out and lighten it up a little.

My daughter was signing a song from “Pippin” that has the lyric, “Nightingales have their song” and that seemed a fitting thing to quote for a back logo with a slightly different silhouette of the singing Nightingale.

They are printing in a dusty blue (PMS 290) and a darker blue shirt:

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