Freshening Up

t3 fresh

While I don’t use them, I certainly notice the prevalence of the pine tree shaped air fresheners hanging in people’s cars. Apparently, the original “tree” hanging air freshener was the “Magic Tree.”


So I thought, “Hey, how about a Magic T3?”

That’s a great idea!!

It turns out that I could get 50 hanging air fresheners with anything I wanted printed on them. I sent in the artwork for a square print since the cost for a custom die cut was very high. Once the Magic T3’s arrived, I cut the extra material out from under the arms of the the T to create my own custom die cut.

We hung the finished freshener in the truck and took a pic with the Magic T3 in focus and the stuff outside the truck not in focus. The sun was behind the T3 and some flash for fill and the image is exactly what I was looking for.