T3 Project

T3 Project
T3 Project

I have always enjoyed graphic design. I am the third (III) in line with my surname, so when I was young my family called me Trey. Later in life I started signing and initialing things with “T3”. Sketching and playing around with a “T” and a “3” I eventually overlaid them and started playing with the letter forms and the spacing interactions. What resulted is the “T3” logo you see here.

One day I created a Stained Glass background image for my computer using my logo as the basis. That started me thinking of other ways I could render my logo and the T3 Project was born.

I maintain a list of ways I could render the T3 Design logo and add to the project as I find the time and creativity. Many of the initial ideas were photoshopped images, but I soon came up with ideas that were tangible objects. Whether “real” or computer generated, every entry in the project follows the format of the first: the T3 logo is in the same place and is the same size. The final images are all 1920 pixels wide x 1200 pixels high with the “T3” centered and 920w x 1000h.

Click on the “T3” in the menu if you want to limit the entries on the screen to just T3 Project pieces.

Other ideas waiting to be done:

  • light bulbs hanging on their wires
  • marquee lights
  • crochet or knitting (or both)
  • needle point or cross stitched (or both)
  • book spine (maybe foil stamped)
  • stencil tagged on something
  • tooled into leather (western)
  • taped off like getting ready to paint
  • chalk outline on pavement (think crime scene)
  • “brand” guide
  • brand on a cow (or even better, a zebra)
  • flowers in a flower bed (like in fancy landscaping)
  • meatloaf with ketchup
  • bottle caps (like a pixelated image)
  • torch cut metal
  • mowed into grass, or a crop circle thing
  • ice sculpture
  • indie concert poster
  • tread pattern in the bottom of a shoe
  • pavement, pavestones, etc.
  • mosaic in asphalt roadway (made of found orange objects)
  • cars in a parking lot
  • architectural plan
  • painted on a barn
  • painted on a brick wall
  • moss graffiti
  • seats in a stadium
  • post-it notes
  • shaved into hair on head
  • tattoo
  • christmas lights
  • craters on the moon
  • “grand canyon”
  • mustard on a hamburger
  • pin art / replicator
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