Breakfast of Champions

T3 Waffle
T3 Waffle

We really like waffles. Many Saturday mornings they are the breakfast food of choice. We have several waffle irons (you have to make a bunch of waffles to feed 8 people), and some of them make waffle sticks which aren’t really traditional waffles. However, the traditional, square, standard waffle got me thinking….

How cool would a T3 waffle iron be? Well, not cool enough to spend what it would cost to have one made. But using real, square waffles, carefully cut and pieced together I was able to create a waffle “T” and then put strawberries and whipped cream in the shape of the “3” to make another T3.

This one is a hybrid. Real stuff that has been photoshopped to clean it up (take out the seams, clean up the colors, and place it on a plate and tablecloth.)

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