Pirana Brothers Racing Gear

Team Pirana needed racing gear to be visible at the various events they were attending. It was not my first time to design running gear for full die sublimation. This process involves ink transfer to a paper sheet which is then placed onto sheets of fabric and processed to push the ink into the fabric fibers. This produces an image which is ‘in’ the fabric, not on it, and unlike screen printing, does not clog up the breathability of wicking fabrics. Once the image is sublimated into the fabric, the pieces are cut and sewn into the garments. The challenge is having a design that covers all the fabric for an x-large piece and yet isn’t lost on a small piece.

I really like the background fade that goes from light to dark with the pirana yin-yang in a single color repeated all over. The background makes the fish look dark on one side and light on the other, but they are actually all the same.

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